Marketing Activity automation in Groupe SEB

Marketing Activity automation in Groupe SEB

CENTER ECM is finished automation of new module in international company „Groupe SEB” in division of Ukraine.

The main task was, automate processes for planning, control and reporting of marketing activity.
Within the project was realized automation of processes of planning marketing activities, coordination, reporting and documentary support of activities. And as well was realized preparation and formation of scheduled and unplanned reporting.

"Marketing Activity" module - Etaps: 

  • Creation of marketing activity
  • Approval cycle of marketing activity with in-time notifications
  • Modifications of marketing activity after approval cycle
  • Cancellation of marketing activity after rejection
  • Introduction of actual datas of marketing activity
  • Formation of unplanned reports of marketing activity
  • Formation of scheduled reports of marketing activity

Benefits for Customer after automation

For customer was important to have clear and transporent process of planing, organisation, approval cycle (including cost’s), realization and control under results of marketing activity in accordance with marketing plan for year. As a process, marketing activity is difficult, because full-cycle of marketing activity accompanied by big volume of documents, that require their processing, payment deadlines, approval cycle and to be signed. And he got it.  The module also provides control over the processing of paper documents. The great advantage of this module is analytical unit used for formation of analytics and reportings.
This was one of the most interesting and comfortable projects. Case factors of succeed project was: dire need, resoult-orientation of project team, metodology Scrum. Project was realized in record’s 3 monts. I’m very exaited to see how the module successfully functions in the super and hypermarkets (Non-food) of Ukraine

Helen Olishevska, Head of Board

About Groupe SEB

Groupe SEB – this is international company with more than 150 years of experience. In Groupe SEB portfolio more than 20 of prestigious and succeed brands in all around the world.

Groupe SEB is a lider in production and selling of dishes and small household appliances on all around the world.

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