CENTER ECM is finished automation of new BPM system in international company Aplen Pharma Group

CENTER ECM is finished automation of new BPM system in international company Aplen Pharma Group

CENTER ECM is finished automation of new BPM system in international company Aplen Pharma Group

Today the Customer has implemented 3 functional modules in 31 countries

Alpen Pharma Group was established in 1997. The main activity is advertising and distribution, and as well the production and promotion of medicines.

At the start of the project Alpen Pharma Group was represented in 24 countries, and today they have 31.

In this project was realized 3 modules: “Employee Management”, “Business Trips Management”, “Purchases Management”. Currently, we are working under modernization of new modules. 

What results does the customer get?

Module “HR Management”:

  • Employee Database of 31 countries in one organizational structure
  • Integration with ERP Systems and not only
  • Automated process of creation, modification, temporary absence, abolition, dismissal of an employee, organization of the exit of a new employee.
  • Workplace preparation
  • Issuing, cancellation of issuance and withdrawal MTE (material and technical equipment)

Module “Business Trips Management”:

  • Unit base of all business trips for 31 countries
  • Universal process of Approval Cycle of business trip for all countries
  • Results of business trip
  • Automatic creation of documents on business trips and reporting for each country, according to its legislation.

Module “Purchases Management”:

  • Unit base of all counterparties for 31 countries
  • Automated process of creation, modification and registration of new sales agent in system
  • Single register of all applications for the purchase of the Group.
  • Automatic aggregation and approval of purchase applications by categories, types of expenses, products, business units, countries.
  • Integration with the budgeting system.
  • Automated process of creation, modification, coordination of the application for in-country procurement and global procurement.
If we talk about partnership and major projects, then at the beginning of collaboration with« ECM Center "we, unfortunately, have accumulated not only a positive experience with software developers in Eastern Europe. Of course, there are great developers. But the ability to develop an interesting algorithm and the ability to create a reliable product from the prototype, and implement it in the customer - is not one and the same. And this is where ECM Center has proven to be great: they are able to listen and hear, understand our requests and, as a result, effectively and efficiently accompany our joint projects.

Alexander Litzinger, Chief Financial Officer APG

Alpen Pharma Group is a sign for us Client with European management and its traditions. Collaboration with Alpen Pharma Group is not even a project. It is a partnership in which both parties win. It is a way of identifying "pain points" and collaboratively finding their solution. I am sure there are many more interesting tasks ahead of us.

Helen Olishevska, Head of Board

About Alpen Pharma Group

Alpen Pharma Group was founded in 1997 and is an association of companies whose main business model is the marketing, distribution, manufacturing and promotion of pharmaceuticals.

The sphere of influence extends to the countries of Asia, Eastern and Western Europe. The headquarters are in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Each of the companies in the group is the market leader in their respective pharmaceutical markets. We provide our business partners with a wide range of services for the marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Of course, the company offers services in drug approval.

In addition, the group offers the design and implementation of clinical trials of drugs in line with the GCP standards, which significantly expand the list of services offered by the company.

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